About Layerlab

Layerlab specializes in Videomapping, Light sculptures and Motion Design.

Coming from a motion design background, Layerlab’s roots are in animation and visual effects. From there it transitioned into projection mapping and making light sculptures. This results in a very high quality of animated content in projection mapping projects.

Light sculptures

By using techniques like CNC cutting, laser cutting and 3d printing, all sculptures are made exactly like 3d models. They are then brought to life with projection mapped animations. By placing multiple projectors pointed towards the sculpture, all of its surface will be lit. This way the sculpture is constantly changing, and looks to be emitting light itself.

Next to light sculptures Layerlab also does other projection mapping based projects, like buildings, sets, stages and interiours.


Projection Mapping

Animation & Visual effects

Graphic Design & Digital Painting

Photography & Cinematography

Producing Sculptures


   Adobe After Effects

   Cinema 4D

   Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro

   Adobe Photoshop

   Adobe Illustrator


   MAPIO Pro